Roy Gillaspie

Dr. Roy E. Gillaspie, was a Christian Identity preacher from Bellflower, California who is noted as being one of three Christian Identity ministers who ordained Arnold Murray, pastor of the Shepherd's Chapel in Gravette, Arkansas. Roy Gillaspie was the pastor of the Church of Jesus Christ, a white supremacist church located in Bellflower, California under the umbrella of Soldiers of the Cross (see the discussion page on Soldiers of the Cross), which was founded by former Communist party member turned Christian, Oliver Kenneth Goff (see The Encyclopedia of White Power, pg. 120). The Church of Jesus Christ was a small group of Christian Identity congregations with locations in California and Arkansas. The Gravette, Arkansas branch was pastored by Arnold Murray and was the precursor to Shepherd's Chapel As noted in Murray's web page, Gillaspie is described as "a beloved teacher of God's Word". In the sixties, Gillaspie served as an adviser to the Christian Defense League which was founded by Wesley Swift , San Jacinto Captand Colonel William Potter Gale.

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