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Johan Rudolf Kjellén (Swedish pronunciation: [ɕɛlleːn], 13 June 1864, Torsö – 14 November 1922, Uppsala) was a Swedish political scientist and politician who first coined the term "geopolitics". His work was influenced by Friedrich Ratzel. Along with Alexander von Humboldt, Karl Ritter, and Friedrich Ratzel, Kjellén would lay the foundations for the German Geopolitik which would later be espoused prominently by General Karl Haushofer. Kjellén completed gymnasium in Skara in 1880 and matriculated at Uppsala University the same year. He completed his Ph.D. in Uppsala in 1891 and was a docent there from 1890-1893. He also taught at Gothenburg University from 1891 and was professor of political sciences and statistics there from 1901 until he received the prestigious Skyttean professorship of Eloquence and Government in Uppsala in 1916. A conservative politician, he was a member of the Second Chamber of the Swedish parliament 1905-1908 and of its First Chamber 1911-1917. Kjellén was Friedrich Ratzel’s student and would further elaborate on organic state theory, coining the term "geopolitics" in the process.

Personal details

Date of birth
June 13th, 1864
Date of death
November 14th, 1922 at age of 58
Place of death
Uppsala, Sweden


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