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Rudolph de Landas Berghes Rudolph Francis Edward St. Patrick Alphonsus Ghislain de Gramont Hamilton de Lorraine-Brabant, (self-styled) Prince de Landas Berghes et de Rache, Duc de St. Winock (November 1, 1873 - November 17, 1920), was an Austrian, Old Catholic bishop who resided in the United States. Rudolph de Landas Berghes was born in Naples, Italy on November 1, 1873, and claimed to be of the princely house of Berghes, Princes de Rache, a Grandee of Spain, and a member of the defunct royal line of Brittany. He was reared as a member of the Protestant Low Church of England. Rudolph was educated at Eton and the Universities of Cambridge, Paris and Brussels. He completed courses in Law, Theology and military tactics. He served as a Staff Officer Captain in the British Army for ten years and took part in the Sudan Campaign under Lord Kitchener. He was subsequently promoted to the rank of Lieutenant Colonel. After his service in the military, Landas Berghes joined the High Church of England in which he received Anglican Orders. In 1910 he joined the Old Catholic Church. On June 29, 1913, he was raised to the episcopacy by the Old Catholic Bishop of Great Britain Arnold Harris Mathew to serve as the Old  ( Wikipedia article )


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