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Rudy "Kato" Rangel Jr. (23 November 1972 – 4 June 2003, NY) was a high-ranking member of the Chicago Latin Kings Trumbull 25th St. street gang. Upon his death, hip-hop artist DMX recorded the song "A-Yo Kato" (released on the 2003 album Grand Champ) as a tribute to him. Rudy Rangel, aka Lil Kato, was shot three times in the head with a .45 while getting a haircut at 1130pm in a trailer-based barbershop along side the Helping Hands carwash at the corner of Roosevelt Rd and Sacramento Blvd on Chicago's Southside. According to his "bodyguards", His shooter was a young black male, although I'm not sure anyone was ever arrested for his murder. Rangel was a Latin King, and while he was the former Inca (Leader) of the Trumbull/25 Section in the Southside Mexican neighborhood of Little Village, he didn't really have a leadership role anymore. That doesn't mean he didn't still have a lot of pull with the gang anyway, because he was a "Big Balla" that moved a huge amount of cocaine through Chicago. He had made so much money that among other things, he opened a successful music label and had produced music videos for DMX and Fat Joe. These alone made him worth more than a million in "legit"  ( Wikipedia article )


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