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Ryan Orr is the author of Jeremy Ruhl - The Life and Times of, Jeremy Ruhl- Africa Book II, Jeremy Ruhl-Savannah Wars, Beyond The Oasis, Grimaldi - Land Of The Dragons. He has adopted four boys and later had his own son. Orr was born in Phoenix, Arizona where he lived up until the age of 6. Before, during and after high school, Orr played in several bands, worked part time at several jobs and then married. He family moved to St. Joseph, Missouri where he went to grade school at Saint James Parochial School. He was in the same class as Steve Walsh (musician), who later became the lead singer and keyboardist in the band Kansas (band). Orr played the piano and bass guitar four almost four years and during the 6th grade introduced several members of the class including Walsh, to live music. Steve Walsh ultimately took up the keyboards and went on to fame. Both boys sang in the church choir and had a knack for speaking and singing in Latin. Orr graduated from High school and attended several colleges and universities while traveling around the world and settling back to Arizona.

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United States of America
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Phoenix , Arizona
pop. 1,513,367 (2013)

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