Saadallah Howayek Politician

Saadallah Howayek (Arabic: الحويك‎) (born 1853 and died 1915) was a politician from the Ottoman period. He lived in Helta, Lebanon and served in the Administration Council for Mount Lebanon between the years 1902 and 1907. Franko Pasha was the governor of Mount Lebanon from 1868 to 1873. Saadallah Howayek was appointed as interim mutasarrif after his office expired, while the Ottoman porte appointed a new governor. Saadallah Howayek was then elected into the Maronite Batroun seat of the Administration Council. He won his seat during Muzaffer Pasha's (born Wladyslaw Czajkowski, from Poland, born 1843 and died 1907) rule as Mutasarrif or governor of Mount Lebanon from 1902–1907. The councilors who defended this position were Saadallah Howayek (Maronite, Batrun); Khalil Akl (Maronite, Matn); Mahmoud Jumblatt (Druze, Jezzine); Mohammad Sabra (Druze, Matn); Elias Chouairi (Greek Orthodox, Matn); Youssef Baridi (Greek Catholic, Zahleh);


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