Saheb Qiblah Fultali Imam

Saheb Qibla Fultoli (1913 - January 16, 2008) Allamah Abdul Latif Chowdhury (Fultali Saheb Qiblah) was born in 1913 (1321 Bangla) on a Thursday in the village Fultali of Zakigonj, Sylhet in a family of a renowned scholar. His honorable father Mufti Maulana Abdul Majid Chowdhury (R) was a revered and famous Muslim cleric and jurist. He was a well known scholar and sage of Indian sub-continent, his fame was widespread throughout the country. In that period ninety percent of the worlds Islamic scholars were his students. He used to give written verdicts of various difficult religious issues. Saheb Qiblah Fultoli died on the 15th of January 2008. More than 20 million mourners came together in one of the biggest funeral processions in Bangladesh in living memory. It is estimated by the Bangladesh Army that a further 500,000 people joined the prayers at the border with India. Many more millions were caught out by the swift arrangements for the funeral and were unable to get to the funeral which took place less than 18 hours after the passing of this eminent scholar of Islam. Hadrat Allamah Fultali Saheb Qibla started his education from his own family.

Personal details

Date of birth
Date of death
January 16th, 2008 at age of 95
Place of death
Islam,Sufism,Sunni Islam


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