Saint Amator

Saint amator

Saint Amator (French) Amadour or Amatre was bishop of Auxerre from 388 until his death on May 1, 418. Saint Amator's feast day is celebrated on May 1. Young Amator studied theology, but married a holy woman of Langres, venerated locally as Sainte Marthe, in order to please his parents. After their wedding, they mutually agreed to live together as brother and sister. Martha subsequently became a nun and Amator received the clerical tonsure. He was ordained bishop of Auxerre in 388 and governed the see until his death 30 years later. During this 30-year episcopacy, he built two churches and converted the remaining pagans in his diocese. He introduced the relics of Saint Cyricus into France, thus propagating this saint's cult. He ordained his successor, Saint Germanus, who subsequently wrote a biography of Amator. In the Middle Ages, a certain Stephen also composed a life of Amator, but it is considered a work of fiction. He is depicted as a bishop with an axe and tree. Amator is sometimes confused with a hermit of legend whose feast day is August 20.

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May 1st, 0418


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