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Samuel Untermyer (March 6, 1858 – March 16, 1940, although some sources cite March 2, 1858, and even others, June 6, 1858 also known as Samuel Untermeyer) was a Jewish-American lawyer and civic leader as well as a self-made millionaire. He was born in Lynchburg, Virginia but after the death of his father the family moved to New York where he studied law. After admission to the bar, he soon gained fame as a lawyer, focusing on corporate law, and became recognized as a civic leader, frequently attending the Democratic National Convention as a delegate. Untermyer was born in Lynchburg, Virginia on March 6, 1858 to Isadore Untermyer and Therese Laudauer, both of whom were German Jews who emigrated to the United States from their native Bavaria. His father, who had been a lieutenant in the Confederate Army, died in 1866, soon after the close of the Civil War. The family then moved to New York. On August 9, 1880 he married Minnie Carl, daughter of Mairelius Carl of New York City. They had three children, Alvin, who served in the 305th Field Artillery in France during the Great War;

Personal details

Date of birth
March 6th, 1858
United States of America
Date of death
March 16th, 1940 at age of 82
Place of death
Palm Springs, California, United States of America
Places lived
Lynchburg , Virginia
pop. 78,014 (2013)


1. Columbia University Colleges/University

Columbia University in the City of New York, commonly referred to as Columbia University, is an American private Ivy League research university located in New York City, New York, United States. Columbia is the oldest institution of higher learning in the state of New York, the fifth oldest in the United States, and one of the country's nine Colonial Colleges founded before the American Revolution. Today the university operates seven Columbia Global Centers overseas in Amman, Beijing, Istanbul, Paris, Mumbai, Santiago and Nairobi.

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Type Private university
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116th Street and Broadway, 10027 - New York City, New York
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2005. 19,672
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2013. 7.0 %
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Organizations founded

1. Non-Sectarian Anti-Nazi League


Wikiedia article

The Non-Sectarian Anti-Nazi League to Champion Human Rights, was founded in 1933 to enact an economic boycott against Nazi Germany. Generally, the organization was thought to represent Jewish people throughout the United States. The League corresponded with FBI Headquarters and the New York Field Office. It was founded and headed by Samuel Untermyer in the 1930s. Born in Lynchburg, Virginia in 1858, he attended the College of the City of New York and later graduated from Columbia University in 1878, becoming a very successful lawyer. A champion for Jewish rights, Untermyer was among the most outspoken critics of the Hitler regime, advocating an international boycott of Germany though the League of Nations. He was also the head of the World Non-Sectarian Anti-Nazi Council and the World Non-Sectarian Anti-Nazi League. He led the league until his retirement in 1938, remaining involved in its activities until his death in 1940. Throughout the 1930s, allied with groups such as the American Federation of Labor, the league tried to persuade American businesses to stop purchasing merchandise from Germany, exposing the ones that continued selling Nazi-made goods in their bulletin.

Written work

1.Civilization's only weapon against Hitlerism

Editions Subjects Co-authors
1934. at New York City


1.Untermyer Park

National Register of Historic Places Location
Untermyer Park is a historic park of 43 acres, situated in Yonkers, Westchester County, New York, just north of New York City.
Located in Geolocation
Yonkers, New York


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