Sanada Yukimura

Sanada yukimura

Sanada Saemon-no-Suke Yukimura (真田 左衛門佐 幸村, Sanada Yukimura, 1567–June 3, 1615 (Keichō 20. 5.7)) was a Japanese samurai, second son of the Sengoku period daimyo Sanada Masayuki (1544–1611). His proper name was Sanada Nobushige (真田 信繁), named after Takeda Shingen's younger brother Takeda Nobushige, who was a brave and respected warrior. He and his father were known as excellent military tacticians. Though their army was very small, they won many battles in which they were outnumbered. Sanada Yukimura was called "A Hero who may appear once in a hundred years" and "Crimson Demon of War", and the famed veteran of the invasion of Korea, Shimazu Tadatsune, called him the "Number one warrior in Japan" (日本一の兵). He was the second son of Sanada Masayuki, his elder brother was Sanada Nobuyuki. He was married to Akihime (Chikurinin), a foster-daughter of Ōtani Yoshitsugu. They had two sons, Daisuke (Yukimasa) and Daihachi (Morinobu). In 1575, the Battle of Nagashino claimed the lives of two of Sanada Masayuki's elder brothers. Masayuki, previously serving Takeda Shingen and Takeda Katsuyori as a retainer, inherited the Sanada clan and left for Ueda Castle.

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Date of birth
Date of death
June 3rd, 1615 at age of 48




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