Satoshi Kizu Photographer

Satoshi Kizu is a Japanese photographer working mainly in Japan. He is particularly well known for his pictures of women. He is a member of the Japan Professional Photographers' Association. In addition to his photographic skills he holds the 3rd Dan in karate in which he has a license to teach. He is also active as a volunteer in teaching swimming to children and is the chair of his city's swimming association. Satoshi Kizu was born in Gunma prefecture, Japan. He studied at the Department of Photography of the College of Art, Nihon University, and graduated from the American Language Institute of San Francisco State University. In 1976 he opened his own photo studio, Photo Studio Kizu in Isesaki city, Gunma. During his time in America he embarked on extensive photographic travels visiting some of the world's major art museums. It was his encounter with some of the world's most famous paintings of women which led him to develop his own style of photographing women which is characterized by the contrast of light and shade in natural light and the ability to capture on film the natural movements of women, especially those with large breasts.

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Gunma Prefecture , Japan
pop. 1,990,944 (2012)

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