Savata Mali

Shri Sant Savata Mali - Hindu bhakti Saint born into the (Gardener) Mali community from 13th century, he was contemporary of Sant Namdeo. He was a great devotee of Lord Vitthal (Pandharpur), while working on his field he sang the glory of vithalla. Lord vitthal came to meet him in village Aran since he never able to go to Pandharpur like other devoter does. Only a Saint savata Mali was the devoter to whom lord Vitthal came to meet in his village. There is a temple of Shri Sant Savata Mali at Pabal (18°50′11″N 74°03′05″E / 18.83639°N 74.05139°E / 18.83639; 74.05139). history of village aran (There is a temple of saint Savata Mali, :Kanda mula bhaji avaghi Vithabai majhi"(Onions, radish, vegetables these are my Vithabai (Vitthal)) - said Savata Mali His character details can be found in Bhaktivijay by Mahipati. his grandfather Devu Mali belonged to Auseygaon of old Miraj province. He shifted to Arangaon/Aranbehndi, Near Mothinimb, Solapur district due to his financial conditions. He had two sons i.e. Parasu (Savata's father)and Dongre. Parasu married Nangitabai and lived in very poor conditions. They were great Bhagwat followers.

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