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Şehzade Mustafa Muhlisi (Turkish pronunciation: [ʃehzaːˈde mustaˈfa muhliˈsi]) (1515, Manisa – October 6, 1553, Konya), was the prince of Manisa from 1533 to 1541 and the prince of Amasya from 1541 to 1553, was Suleiman the Magnificent's first born son by Mahidevran. Şehzade Mustafa was the apparent heir to the (Ottoman) throne. Mustafa was born in 1515 in Manisa to Suleiman and Albanian mother Mahidevran,when Suleiman was still a Şehzade(prince).He experienced problems in his relations with his father. He was the first born son and therefore the apparent heir to the throne but his father, according to some historians, was more interested in Şehzade Mehmed, the eldest son of Hürrem Sultan and the younger step-brother of Mustafa. Suleiman created more opportunities to the younger one and seemed as if preparing him for the throne. The situation was not pleasant for Mustafa because of the treatment he got from his father. Then he faced a second shock after being sent to Amasya from Manisa. The rule of Manisa was given to the younger brother, Mehmet. It was important because Manisa was much closer to Istanbul than Amasya. According to the Ottoman tradition, Mustafa must be sent to the  ( Wikipedia article )


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Known as
Sehzade Mustafa,Şehzade Mustafa Mukhlisi
Date of birth
Selim II, Mihrimah Sultan, Suleiman the Magnificent
Selim II Mihrimah Sultan


Date of death
Cause of death

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