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Sergei Nicolaievich Adonyev (Russian: Сергей Николаевич Адоньев, born 28 January 1961 in Lviv, then Ukrainian SSR now Ukraine), is a Russian businessman and entrepreneur, notably specializing in real estate, retailing, publishing as well as the telecommunication sector. An executive manager and shareholder, notably with Albert Avdolyan, of Mobile WiMAX company Yota, he is one of the key players of 4G technology in Russia. Sergei Adoniev is married and is the father of five children. In 1994, Adoniev founded the Joint Food Company (JFC, one of Russia’s largest agribusiness companies), along with business partners and Russian billionaires Oleg Boiko and Vladimir Kekhman. From 1994 to 2000, Serguei Adoniev was an executive manager as well as the majority shareholder of the company. In 2000, he sold his shares of Joint Food Company. The company had then a USD 100 million turnover. Since 2008, Serguei Adoniev is an executive manager of Russian Internet service provider Scartel (traded under the name Yota), specializing in Mobile WiMAX (G4) Internet technology. Yota was the first provider to launch G4 Internet in Russia. Yota owns most of Mobile WiMAX licences in Russia.

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January 28th, 1961


1. Saint Petersburg State Polytechnic University Colleges/University

Saint Petersburg State Polytechnical University (Russian: Санкт-Петербургский Государственный Политехнический Университет, abbreviated as SPbSPU; also, formerly "Saint Petersburg State Technical University", abbreviated as SPbSTU) is a major Russian technical university situated in Saint Petersburg. Other former names included Peter the Great Polytechnical Institute (Russian: Политехнический Институт императора Петра Великого) and Kalinin Polytechnical Institute (Russian: Ленинградский Политехнический Институт имени Калинина). The university is considered to be one of the top research facilities in Russian Federation and CIS member states and is a leading educational facility in the field of applied physics and mathematics, industrial engineering, chemical engineering, aerospace engineering and many other academic disciplines. On a national scale, SPbSTU in Russian Federation is somewhat akin to Caltech in the United States (Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology is normally referred to as "The Russian MIT"). Currently (2012) SPSPU is ranked among the top 400 in the World. It houses one of the country's most advanced research labs in hydro-aerodynamics.

Polytechnicheskaya, 29, Saint Petersburg
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b. 1956., Politician
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b. 1906., Aerospace Engineer


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