Setiawan Djody

Setiawan Djody (born 13 March 1949; Solo, Central Java, Indonesia) is an Indonesian businessman and guitarist. Djody was a Wharton School graduate in 1974 and got the S-2 Philosophy from the University of California, Berkeley. He is the Chairman of Setdco group in Indonesia; Setdco being named after his own name. He is also a musician, being listed by Rolling Stone as one of Asia's top guitarists. The majority of its investments are in the areas of oil business, the media and agro-industry; including telecommunications. He is listed in the 150 richest Indonesian by the Forbes 2007 magazine. He is also active in the business of shipping and has several shipping companies. Djody eagered on extreme sports and alcohol, which made him get liver tranplantation donor from her daughter Shri Jehan Djody, but he is well now and in May 2011 he has made Kantata Barock concert.

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March 13th, 1949




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