Shammuramat or Sammur-amat was Queen of Assyria 811 BC–808 BC. The widow of King Shamshi-Adad V reigned for three years on the throne of Assyria. Other chronologies suggest that her regency lasted from 809 to 792 BCE. Shammuramat's stela (memorial stone) has been found at Ashur, while an inscription at Calah (Nimrud) indicates that she was dominant there after the death of her husband and before the rule of her son. The legendary Semiramis is usually considered a purely mythical figure, however, there is evidence in Assyrian records suggesting that she may, in fact, be a Greek reflection of Shammuramat. This identification is disputed. Another possibility is that she is given that title after death to reflect similarities with an earlier Sumerian deity. She was probably the Semiramis who, according to Greek and Persian legends, ruled Assyria, Armenia, Arabia, Persia, Egypt and throughout Asia for more than forty years, and who founded Babylon and its famous gardens. Legend describes Seriramis as being of divine origin, a specialist in Botany, an alchemist with a deep knowledge of the kinds of plants, which grew in their gardens and that she collected to produce their formulas.




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