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Shanik Berman is a journalist. She was born in Mexico City to Jewish immigrant parents from Slovakia who crossed the Atlantic after surviving the Second World War. She has studies in Literature and Languages in Mexico, Paris and the United States. Berman became a showbiz reporter in the late 1970s and has since then become one of the icons of Showbiz Journalism in Mexico. Her staple show Intimamente Shanik was a pioneer in Mexican Television in handling previously censored subjects such as sex, divorces, infidelity, etc. Currently she writes a column for ESTO (Sports Newspaper), and for TV Notas the best-selling gossip magazine in Mexico, has a daily radio show Shanik en Fórmula broadcast nationally in Mexico and worldwide through Radio Fórmula and collaborates in daily TV show by Televisa Viva la Mañana. She is the author of 2 books, Más cornadas da el hombre (1982) about the lives and personalities of bullfighters and Muy cerca del ombligo (1985) a satire about the showbiz world in Mexico. She started to be a journalist in 1980 and the book Mas Cornadas da el Hombre was published in 1983.

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