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Shefqet verlaci

Shefqet Bej Vërlaci (December 15, 1877, Elbasan, Ottoman Empire – July 21, 1946, Zürich, Switzerland) was Prime Minister of Albania in 1924 and during the Italian occupation from 1939 to 1941. Verlaci's name also is found under the forms Vërlaci, Verlaçi, Verlaxhi, and Velaxhi. His first name also is written in various forms, including Shevket, as on his gravestone. Probably his name has distant Venetian roots, from the Renaissance times of Albania Veneta. In 1922, Verlaci was the biggest landowner of Albania. He was the leader of the Progressive Party, the biggest conservative party in Albania, which firmly opposed any agrarian reform reducing the landowners' property. The Progressive Party included as its members some North Albanian clan chiefs and prominent Muslim landowners. In late 1922, Ahmed Zogu became engaged to Verlaci's daughter, winning Verlaci's support and the position of Prime Minister. In early 1924, Zogu was forced to cede his position of Prime Minister to Verlaci, because of a financial scandal and an attempt of assassination in which Zogu was injured.

Personal details

Date of birth
December 15th, 1877
Date of death
July 21st, 1946 at age of 68
Place of death
Zürich, Switzerland
Sunni Islam

Political engagements

Albanian Fascist Party

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The Albanian Fascist Party was a Fascist organization active during World War II which held nominal power in Albania from 1939, when the country was conquered by Italy, until 1943, when Italy capitulated to the Allies. Afterwards, Albania fell under German occupation, and the PFSh was replaced by the Guard of Greater Albania.


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