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Sheikh abdullah

Sheikh Mohammed Abdullah (Kashmiri: शेख़ मुहम्मद अब्‍दुल्‍ला (Devanagari), شيخ محمد عبدالله (Nastaleeq)), Sher-e-Kashmir (the Lion of Kashmir) (December 5, 1905, Soura, Kashmir – September 8, 1982, Srinagar), was the leader of the National Conference, Kashmir's largest political party, and one of the most important political figures in the modern history of Jammu and Kashmir. In 1933 he married Akbar Jahan, the daughter of Michael Harry Nedou, the eldest son of the European proprietor of a chain of hotels in India including Nedous Hotel in Srinagar, and his Kashmiri wife Mirjan. Michael Harry Nedou was himself the proprietor of a hotel at the tourist resort of Gulmarg (The writer Tariq Ali claims that Akbar Jehan was previously married in 1928 to an Arab Karam Shah who disappeared after a Calcutta newspaper Liberty reported that he was actually T. E. Lawrence (Lawrence of Arabia) a British Intelligence officer. He claims that Akbar Jehan was divorced by her first husband in 1929.) He agitated against the rule of the Maharaja Hari Singh, and urged self-rule for Kashmir.

Personal details

Date of birth
December 5th, 1905
Date of death
September 8th, 1982 at age of 76
Place of death
Srinagar, India
Places lived
Jammu and Kashmir
pop. 12,548,926 (2011)




1. Aligarh Muslim University Colleges/University

Aligarh Muslim University (AMU) (अलीगढ़ मुस्लिम विश्वविद्यालय, علی گڑھ مسلم یونیورسٹی) is a residential academic Central University in India founded in 1875 by social reformer, Sir Syed Ahmed Khan. He realised the acute need among Indian Muslims for modern education and, to achieve his goal, started a school named Mohammedan Anglo-Oriental College (MAO College) in 1875. It was designed to train Muslims for government service in India and prepare them for advanced training in British universities. The school later became the Mohammedan Anglo-oriental College and finally Aligarh Muslim University in 1920 . It is one of the first institutions established during the British Raj.

Type Public university
Institution colors
202002 - Aligarh, Uttar Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh
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Institution social analysis

Notable alumni by career
Notable alumni by gender

People attended Aligarh Muslim University connected by profession and/or age

b. 1902., Politician
b. 1901., Politician
b. 1908., Politician
b. 1904., Politician
b. 1903., Politician
b. 1872., Politician
b. 1890., Politician
b. 1932., Politician

2. Islamia College, Lahore Colleges/University

Islamia College (Urdu: اسلامیہ کالج ) is a group of three colleges in Lahore, Punjab, Pakistan affiliated with the University of Punjab. They were nationalised by Z. A. Bhutto in the 1970s. After GC University and FCC University, it is regarded as the third best college as far as the merit of F.Sc and F.A is concerned.

54000 - Lahore, Punjab, Pakistan
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Institution social analysis

Notable alumni by gender

People attended Islamia College, Lahore connected by profession and/or age

b. 1914., Politician
b. 1916., Politician
b. 1950., Politician
b. 1927., Military Person
b. 1966., Cricket Bowler
b. 1915., Journalist
b. 1930., Writer
b. 1950., Ghazal Artist

Organizations founded

1. All Jammu and Kashmir Muslim Conference

Political party

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The All Jammu and Kashmir Muslim Conference is a major political party of Azad Kashmir founded by Chaudhry Ghulam Abbas.

Political engagements

All Jammu and Kashmir Muslim Conference

Geographic scope



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Other members

Jammu & Kashmir National Conference



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The Jammu & Kashmir National Conference is a State political party in the Indian state of Jammu and Kashmir. Led at the time of Indian independence in 1947 by Sheikh Abdullah, it dominated electoral politics in the state for many decades. It has been led subsequently by the Sheikh's son Farooq Abdullah and his son Omar Abdullah. Farooq Abdullah was again made the President of the party in 2009.

Other members

born 1937

Written work

1.Flames of the chinar

Editions Subjects Co-authors
1993. at New York City


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