Sherman Billingsley

Sherman Billingsley (March 10, 1896 – October 4, 1966) was an American nightclub owner and former bootlegger who was the founder and owner of New York's Stork Club. John Sherman Billingsley was the youngest child of Robert Billingsley and Emily Collingsworth. He was born in Enid, Oklahoma on March 10, 1896. (In later years, Billingsley claimed to have been born in 1900, but this is refuted by both the 1930 census and the Social Security Death Index.) His parents had settled in Enid following the 1893 land run. The Billingsley children attended school in a one room schoolhouse, riding a horse to get to school. When an older brother committed a murder and was sent to prison, the family relocated to Anadarko to be near him. Upon the brother's release from jail, he enlisted Sherman as an assistant in his bootlegging business. The family moved again, this time to Oklahoma City where Sherman was again drawn into the bootlegging business by another of his older brothers. This business extended into Omaha, Toledo, and Detroit. In Detroit at age 18, Billingsley was arrested and convicted on Federal charges.

Personal details

Date of birth
March 10th, 1900
Date of death
October 4th, 1966 at age of 66


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