Sherry Wolf

Sherry Wolf (born January 27) is an American surrealist painter and designer. Raised in Baltimore, Sherry is the youngest of three children born to Mary and Benjamin Wolf. Educated in Art History with a Magna Cum Laude degree from the University of Maryland, Wolf proceeded to establish the Adult Art Program at George Washington University. She was commissioned by the White House during the Nixon administration to create a series of paintings as well as heading the art and design department at NBC Washington bureau working directly with anchorman, David Brinkley. After moving to New York, Wolf began her independent painting career. During her college era, Wolf was a part of the Alpha Epsilon Phi Sorority. At that time, during the turmoil of the 1960s, Wolf was a major activist for Vietnam Peace. She protested the Vietnam War with her fellow sorority sisters during such chaotic times, almost being killed in a tear-gassed raid. Wolf described the incident as profound but necessary for peace in her country. She was also further quoted as stating, "Being an artist during times of such chaos, we need to realize love, peace, and prosperity is only a mile away, let's get there...".


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