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Shivkar Bāpuji Talpade (1864–1916) was a Maharashtrian Pathare prabhu community member who flew an unmanned airplane, named Marutsakhā ("Marut-Air or Stream of Air, Sakha Friend", said of Sarasvati in RV 7.96.2), in the year 1895, which was 8 years before Wright brothers (the first unmanned heavier-than-air flight was John Stringfellow's in 1848). Talpade stayed at Dukkar Wādi (now renamed Vijay Wādi), Chirā Bazār, Mumbai (Bombay). He was a scholar in Sanskrit literature and Vedas. According to a study by researchers at the Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore, Talpade constructed his models under the guidance of Pandit Subbarāya Shāstry, the author of Vaimānika Shāstra,Mukunda, H.S.; Deshpande, S.M., Nagendra, H.R., Prabhu, A. and Govindraju, S.P. (1974). "A critical study of the work "Vyamanika Shastra"". Scientific Opinion: 5–12. Retrieved 2007-09-03. </ref> The Times of India, in a 2004 article, quotes former principal defence scientific officer, D. H. Bedekar, as saying that, "Mr . The article also references Velkar (1997), which quotes one of Talpade's students,  ( Wikipedia article )


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