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Simeon Nyachae (born February 6, 1932 in Nyaribari, Kisii District) is a Kenyan politician and ex-minister from Kisii District of Nyanza Province. He was born in Nyaribari location on 06 Feb 1932 to the then powerful colonial chief of the location Musa Nyandusi. Nyachae's earlier exposure to western education was facilitated by his own father, himself a mission educated graduate who used his strong influence and acquittance to the colonial administrators to be appointed chief. Born into a large polygamous family, Nyachae was fortunate that his father developed a particular liking for him, more than his elder brother James Oiruria, who apparently was less talkative and outgoing than Simon Nyachae. In 1941 his father put him in Nyanchwa Seventh-day Adventist School and laterin 1947 he joined Kereri intermediate school. However, two years later in 1949, he joined Kisii Government African School but in 1953 just a year before he sat for the then Ordinary Level School Certificate, he withdrew from the school and was employed at his father's chief camp as a district clerk in 1954. Thus Simon Nyachae's long career in the Civil service began at this point.

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February 6th, 1932




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The Kenya African National Union, better known as KANU, is a Kenyan political party that ruled for nearly 40 years after Kenya's independence from British colonial rule in 1963 until its electoral loss in 2002. It was known as Kenya African Union before being renamed in 1960.

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