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Simeon or Simyon Simev (born on May 30, 1949 in Štip) is a poet, essayist and journalist in the Republic of Macedonia. Simev studied history with history of arts at the Sts. Cyril and Methodius University in Skopje. He worked as a high school teacher, associate at the Ministry of Culture, journalist in the First Programme and editor in chief of Radio Culture (formerly known as Third Programme) in the Macedonian Radio. Simev has published poetry, essays, studies in newspapers, magazines and periodical publications. His poetry has been published in Bulgaria and Germany.

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Date of birth
May 30th, 1949


1. Saints Cyril and Methodius University of Skopje Colleges/University

The Saints Cyril and Methodius University of Skopje (Macedonian: Универзитет „Св. Кирил и Методиј“ – Скопје) is the largest university in the Republic of Macedonia. It was named after the medieval brothers Cyril and Methodius, also known as the Apostles to the Slavs, enlighteners who developed the precursors to Cyrillic script used today in most Slavic languages. More than 50,000 students study at the Skopje University, including some 700 foreign students. Furthermore, the Teaching and Research Staff number 2,390 people, and this is further supported by over 300 members in the university's various institutions.

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blvd. Goce Delcev 9, 1000 - Skopje, Skopje Statistical Region
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b. 1949., Journalist
b. 1950., Folk Artist
b. 1948., Politician
b. 1950., Politician
b. 1945., Politician
b. 1954., Politician
b. 1960., Politician
b. 1972., Politician


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