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Simón de Rojas Saint Simón de Rojas O.SS (28 October 1552 – 29 September 1624) was a Spanish priest of the Trinitarian Order known as the "Apostle of the Ave Maria", for his devotion to the Blessed Virgin Mary. A person of many abilities, Simón was a theologian and a spiritual writer, as well as a friend and benefactor of the poor. Born 28 October 1552, in Valladolid, Spain, living a childhood steeped in piety. As a child, Simón was cured of a serious speech impediment through his devotion to the Blessed Virgin Mary. His very first words were "Ave Maria", almost forshadowing his life long devotion to the Virgin. At the age of twelve he entered the Trinitarian monastery at Valladolid and there he made his religious profession on 28 October 1572, the day of his 20th birthday. He then went on to study at the University of Salamanca from 1573 to 1579, during which time he was ordained a priest in 1577. Father Simón taught philosophy and theology at Toledo from 1581 to 1587. From 1588 until his death he fulfilled the office of superior in various monasteries of his province and was sent as apostolic visitor twice to his own province of Castilla, and once to that of Andalusia. His greatest joy was to  ( Wikipedia article )


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