Simon Zavarian

Simon Zavarian, (Armenian:Սիմոն Զաւարեան) also known by his nom de guerre Anton (Անտոն), (1866 – 1913) was one of the three founders of the Armenian Revolutionary Federation and part of Armenian national liberation movement, along Kristapor Mikaelian and Stepan Zorian. Simon Zavarian was born in the village of Aygehat, in the province of Lori. Growing up, he attended the Village Administration college of Moscow. He later settled in Tiflis, where he met Kristapor Mikaelian and Stepan Zorian. Together, they co-founded the Armenian Revolutionary Federation (ARF) in 1890. Their new political party had a major impact on Armenians. It gained support by demanding reforms and taking up arms to defend Armenian citizens of the Ottoman Empire. As a cofounder of the party, he participated in the framework of the plans and rules of the Dashnaks and served as a member of the ARF central bureau. As an activist, he did research for the party and performed organizational work during his many travels to different worldwide locations. He also traveled to Mush and Sassoun as a teacher and eventually settled in Istanbul, where he worked on the newspaper Azadamard.

Personal details

Date of birth
Date of death
1913 at age of 47


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