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Sir George Rose (1782–1873) was an English barrister and law reporter, a master in chancery. Rose, eldest son of James Rose, barge-owner, of Tooley Street, Southwark, was born in London on 1 May 1782. He received a presentation to Westminster School, and became king's scholar in 1797. He was admitted to Trinity College, Cambridge, but did not take a degree. On 5 May 1809 he was called to the bar at the Inner Temple, and commenced attendance in the common-law courts and on the northern circuit. Rose was a witty man, and his first success is attributed to the publicity he attained by the composition while in court, when Lord Eldon was the presiding judge, of the following verse: In May 1827 he was named a king's counsel, and in the same year became a bencher of his inn, of which he was reader in 1834 and treasurer in 1835. The misfortune of his father's bankruptcy attracted his attention to the bankruptcy branch in chancery, where he obtained a fair practice. He published ‘Reports of Cases in Bankruptcy decided by Lord Eldon,’ vol. i. 1812, reprinted 1813; vol. ii. 1816, reprinted 1821; this book was continued by J. W. Buck. In 1813 he published ‘An Inquiry into the Nature of Trading  ( Wikipedia article )


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Trinity College, Oxford
Westminster School
Trinity College, Cambridge


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