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Sjaka Septembir (20 July 1972 in Port Elizabeth, South Africa) is a South African poet, writer, performer and director. He is the married to the vocalist Melanie Basson. His work is influenced by Punk, Dada, Abject Art and the Beats. He has become infamous for his unsettling happenings, cut-‘n’-paste magazines and self-published books of poetry. He has been described as a "contemporary literary terrorist". The name Sjaka S. Septembir is a constructed identity, and a gang of multiple identities arise from it. These include Dr. Adam Chaos, Diamandt Wolf and Jan Afganistan. The name Sjaka S. Septembir was created by pairing up the name of the Zulu warrior king Shaka Zulu with the Cape coloured surname. Coloured here is a politically and socially controversial term, and it refers to a predominantly Afrikaans people of which the roots can be traced back to Creole and Dutch ancestry - the slave trade at the Cape being the vehicle which brought these peoples together and which resulted in what has commonly (and controversially) been referred to as Coloured people. It is a prevalent surname in the Western Cape – but in this context it is spelt September. The initial “S” in Sjaka S.

Personal details

Date of birth
July 20th, 1972
South Africa


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