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Smbat Baroyan (Armenian: Սմբատ Բարոյան) also known as Makhluto (Armenian: Մախլուտո) and General Smbat (1872–1956), was an Armenian fedayee commander during the Armenian national movement. He was known for his battles alongside with General Andranik Ozanian. Smbat was born in the city of Muş in 1872. As a child, his parents had sent him to Saint Karapet Monastery to receive a formal education. During his educational time at the monastery, the teachers would abuse many of the students, including Smbat. During this time, Smbat became acquainted with Armenian Question. He became inspired by the stories he heard of Armenian guerillas (feedayis) taking arms to defend their homeland. In the mid 1880s, Smbat alongside and his friend Levon decided to escape from school to join the feedayis. He joined the Vardanantz group when aged 15. Once he joined, one of his first task was to move their bags and rifles because they did not initially trust him with a gun. Smbat was present throughout most of the major battles that took place in the Van-Taron region in the 1890s. He fought alongside with other feedayis like Kevork Chavoush, Andranik Pasha, Keri, and Murad of Sebastia. During the Hamidian  ( Wikipedia article )


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