Smith Puget

Smith Leroy Puget (born in Ukiah, California) is the tour manager of the band AFI, and is guitarist Jade Puget's younger brother. Smith lives in Oakland, California and has lived in or near the Bay Area all of his life. In past years, Smith has also been involved with other bands such as Loose Change, Travelling Wheelbarrels , Redemption 87, and Tiger Army. Becoming popularized in recent years by Smithgasm, the official Smith Puget fanclub, (created by an avid fan in 2005) Smith has developed a significant following. In 2006 at Bumbershoot, a popular Seattle music festival, Smithgasm's creator conducted the first official interview of Smith Puget which has since gained thousands of views on YouTube, thus further promoting Smith's status. He is featured in the Explosion's video "Here I Am," and in AFI's music video for "Love Like Winter," his arms can be seen. He is also an freestyle hip hop artist primarily known under the alias of M.C. StayNSkool. There are a string of videos on YouTube, filmed by his brother Jade, of Smith's antics and freestyles. Smith is known for his extreme reinterpretations of incidents. He is commonly injuring himself, with accidents on his skateboard.

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Date of birth
June 23rd, 1977



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