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Sonji Roi is best known for being the first wife of American boxer Muhammad Ali. She died on October 11, 2005. Ali and Roi married on August 14, 1964, after meeting approximately one month earlier. Roi was working as a cocktail waitress when they met. They divorced on January 10, 1966. Reportedly, Roi's objections to certain Muslim customs in regards to dress for women contributed to the break-up of their marriage. There were no children from this union. In the movie ''Ali'' starring Will Smith, the role of Sonji Roi was played by Will Smith's real-life wife, Jada Pinkett Smith.

Personal details

Date of birth
United States of America
Date of death
October 11th, 2005 at age of 59
Place of death
Chicago, Illinois, United States of America
Cause of death



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