Sophie Shevardnadze

Sophie Shevardnadze (born Sophiko Shevardnadze , September 23 1978) is a correspondent for RT. She is the granddaughter of Eduard Shevardnadze, and was known to join him on some high-level meetings between the Soviets and the Americans when she was in her teens. She was born in the Georgian SSR, Soviet Union but moved to France at age 10, then moved to the United States. She graduated with a cinema degree from Boston University and studied in the masters program in TV-journalism at New York University. After graduation, she worked as a producer for ABC-TV, before returning to work in Georgia. After hearing about the upcoming launch of RT, she moved to Moscow and has been a presenter with the network since the launch. She is also interested in music, and holds a diploma from the International Piano Conservatory of Paris. She is fluent in Georgian, Russian, English, French and Italian. She was also a dancer on the Russian version of "Dancing with the Stars 2010" Also known as a socialite, she often attends high-fashion events in Europe and Russia.

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Date of birth
September 23rd, 1978


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