St. Leutwinus, Bishop of Treves

Religious Leader

Saint Leudwinus, Count of Treves (Leodewin, Liutwin, Ludwin) (c. 660 - † 29. September, 722 in Reims) founded an abbey in Mettlach. He was Archbishop of Treves and Laon. His feast day is September 23. He is the patron saint of Mettlach parish and his relics are carried by procession at the annual Pentacost celebration through the town. He is the son of Saint Warinus, the paternal grandson of Saint Sigrada and his uncle was Saint Leodegarius. Leudwinus was born a Frankish nobleman and was a member of one of the most powerful clans in Austrasia. He was the son of Warinus, Count of Poitiers and Gunza of Metz. Lambert of Maastricht was his kinsman. His Frankish name is Liutwin. Leudwinus spent his early life at the royal court of Austrasia. He was styled Count of Treves. He received his education from his maternal uncle, Saint Basinus, Archbishop of Treves. In 697, Leudwinus signed the Deed of Echternach with his uncle. Leudwinus was initially uninterested in an ecclesiastical career. Instead he married Willigard von Bayern, a descendant of Charibert I, the Merovingian King of Paris. They had issue: According to legend, it all began when Leudwinus went hunting near Saar. He grew tired  ( Wikipedia article )


Personal facts

Known as
Leudwinus of Trier,Saint Leutwinus, Bishop of Treves
Date of birth
Kunza of Metz
Milo Rotrude of Treves


Date of death
Place of death
Place of burial

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