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Stanley Albert Fafara (September 20, 1949 – September 20, 2003) was an American actor, best known for his role as "Whitey" Whitney in the original Leave It to Beaver television series. He appeared in forty-two of the show's 234 episodes. His older brother, Tiger, played "Tooey Brown" in the series. Fafara was born September 20, 1949 in San Francisco, California. By 1957, seven year old Stanley Fafara's mother took him to an open casting call for a new television series about a suburban family entitled Leave It To Beaver. He had been working in commercials and television westerns since the age of four. He earned the part as "Whitey" Whitney, one of the lead character's best friends. Stanley remained with Leave It To Beaver for six years. After the cancellation of Leave It To Beaver in 1963, Fafara attended North Hollywood High School. While there, he developed a liking for alcohol and soon learned how to use his fame to best advantage. He became friendly with the pop-rock band Paul Revere and the Raiders and reportedly moved in with the band for a time. He discovered hard drugs in the mid 1960's, an obsession that would remain with him for many years to come.

Personal details

Date of birth
September 20th, 1949
United States of America
Date of death
September 20th, 2003 at age of 54
Place of death
Portland, Oregon, United States of America
Cause of death
Surgical complications
Places lived
San Francisco , California
pop. 837,442 (2013)




1. North Hollywood High School High school

North Hollywood High School, originally called Lankershim High School when it opened in 1927, is a secondary school in North Hollywood in Los Angeles, California. The school mascot is the husky, and the school colors are blue, white and grey.

Type High school
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5231 Colfax Ave., North Hollywood, 91601 - Los Angeles, California
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Guest TV appearances

Leave It to Beaver

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Appearance history
Epizode Air date Role Writer Director
S02-E07 November 13th, 1958
S01-E23 March 21st, 1958
S01-E15 January 17th, 1958
Ben Gershman
S02-E03 October 16th, 1958
S01-E30 May 7th, 1958
S02-E06 November 6th, 1958
S01-E32 May 21st, 1958
S01-E14 January 10th, 1958
S01-E01 October 4th, 1957 ,
S01-E08 November 22nd, 1957

The Adventures of Rin Tin Tin

Program genre

Children's television series

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The Adventures of Rin Tin Tin is an American children's television program. Beginning in October 1954 until May 1959, 166 episodes originally aired on ABC television network. It starred child actor Lee Aaker as Rusty, a boy orphaned in an Indian raid, who was being raised by the soldiers at a US Cavalry post known as Fort Apache. He and his German shepherd dog, Rin Tin Tin, helped the soldiers to establish order in the American West. Texas-born actor James Brown appeared as Lieutenant Ripley Rip Masters. Co-stars included veteran actor Joe Sawyer and actor Rand Brooks from Gone with the Wind fame.
Appearance history
Epizode Air date Role Writer Director
S03-E02 September 14th, 1956

The Millionaire

Program genre

Anthology series

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The Millionaire is an American anthology series that aired on CBS from January 19, 1955, to June 8, 1960, originally sponsored by Colgate-Palmolive. The series explored the ways sudden and unexpected wealth changed life for better or for worse and became a five-season hit during the Golden Age of Television. It told the stories of people who were given one million dollars from a benefactor who insisted they never know him, with one exception. The series was known in syndication by two titles—The Millionaire, and as If You Had a Million.nThe 1932 film If I Had A Million had a similar plot to this TV show.
Appearance history
Epizode Air date Role Writer Director
S05-E10 November 5th, 1958

Wanted: Dead or Alive

Program genre


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Wanted: Dead or Alive is an American Western television series starring Steve McQueen as the bounty hunter Josh Randall. It aired on CBS for three seasons in 1958–61. The black-and-white program was a spin-off of a March 1958 episode of Trackdown, a 1957–59 western series starring Robert Culp. Both series were produced by Four Star Television in association with CBS Television.
Appearance history
Epizode Air date Role Writer Director
S01-E33 April 18th, 1959


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