Stanley Slotkin

Stanley Slotkin (1905–1997) was a prominent Los Angeles businessman specializing in medical and party rentals through his company Abbey Rents. Slotkin also had strong interests that influenced his life and caused his philanthropy. Slotkin grew up in a family of Russian immigrants. Slotkin was raised by his parents in Kansas City. In Kansas City, Slotkin came up with a business plan to rent rather than sell. In the 1930s, Stolkin opened his first Abbey Rents store in St. Louis. Stanley Slotkin started increasing his company after this and it became the world’s largest rental firm in 1965. During the growth of his company, in 1937, Slotkin relocated his business headquarters to Los Angeles. Abbey Rents had 90 rental outlets that lent a wide variety of goods, including party supplies and medical equipment. He had two kids with Miriam Slotkin: Mark and Diane. Slotkin believed that plastic surgery was important for people with physical deformities. To allow his belief to proceed, Slotkin opened a clinic that provided plastic surgery—free of charge—to people who could not otherwise afford the corrective surgeries necessary to repair physical deformities like cleft palates and harelips.

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