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Sthanam Narasimha Rao popularly known as Sthanam (Telugu: స్థానం నరసింహారావు) (23 September 1902 - 21 February 1971) was a celebrated Telugu theatre and film actor. He was well known for playing stunning female characters and was a recipient of a Padma Sri Award. He was born in 1902 at Bapatla of Guntur district to Hanumantha Rao and Ademma. He entered the theatre in 1920 and, rigorously trained by Veeraraghava Swamy, played for the Rama Vilasa Sabha of nearby Tenali. For nearly four decades (1924–60), he excelled in female characterization. His depiction of the Sringara rasa as Satyabhama in Srikrishna tulabharam kept audiences spellbound. Equally enchanting performances in Roshanara, Deva Devi in Vipranarayana and the eponymous Chintamani made his place in Telugu theater permanent. His most memorable acting, however, was as Madhuravani in Gurajada Appa Rao`s comedy Kanyasulkam. Sthanam had over 1,500 performances to his credit. His productions of classics on All India Radio include Kanyasulkam and Ganapati. He acted in some Telugu films ("Radhakrishna" in 1939 and Satyabhama in 1941) and authored a book about his vast acting experience entitled, Natasthanam.

Personal details

Date of birth
September 23rd, 1902
Date of death
February 21st, 1971 at age of 68


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