Sultan Sarang

Sultan sarang

Sultan Sarang was a chief of the Gakhar tribe which resided in the Pothohar region in Northern Punjab, modern day Pakistan. He was born in Pharwala fort and his father was a Gakhar chief Tatar Khan. Due to his services to Mughal emperor Babur, Sarang Khan was bestowed the title of Sultan by Emperor Babur. Sarang's father Takar Khan/Tattar Khan allied with Mughal Emperor Babur on his campaign of Hind. However, Hathi Gakhar had assassinated Takar/Tattar in a late night raid on his camp, capturing his possessions, his women and wealth. Whence Hathi Khan was defeated by Babur (who recruited the local Janjua Rajputs for this battle), he was later assassinated by an aged Sarang through poison. Sarang, now claimed leadership of the turbulent Gakhar tribe, inheriting also the title of Sultan from Mughal Babur. When Sher Shah Suri expelled Mughal Humayun the son of Babur, Sarang resisted Sher Shah on the notion of loyalty to the ousted Mughal. Sultan Sarang was later captured by Emperor Sher Shah and flayed alive. His daughter was handed to Mughal commander Khawas Khan in accordance with the Imperial order of revenge upon Sarang for his refractory rebellion against the Suri Empire.

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