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Sundarar or Cuntarar or Sundaramurthi (Tamil சுந்தரர், 8th C.C.E.), also known as Cuntaramūrti, and affectionately Tampiran Tōzhan (Comrade of the Master (Shiva)) was one of the most prominent among the Nayanars, the Shaiva bhakti (devotional) poets of Tamil Nadu. He was a contemporary of Cheraman Perumal and Kotpuli Nayanar who also figure in the 63 Nayanmars. The songs of praise are called Thiruthondathogai and is the original nucleus around which the Periyapuranam is based. The Periya Puranam, which collects the legends of the Nayanars, starts and ends with him. The hymns of seventh volume of the Tirumurai, the twelve-volume compendium of the poetry of Tamil Shaiva Siddhanta, were composed by him. Cuntarar is unique among the Nayanars in that both of his parents are also recognised as Nayanars. He was born Nambi Arurar to an Adi Shaiva (temple priest) brahmin couple, Sadayanar and Isaignani, in the village of Tirunavalur. The ruler of the local kingdom (Thirumunaipadi-Nadu), Narasingamunaiarayar, adopted him and brought up as his own son, attracted by the beauty of the child he saw playing in the street.


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