Surya Kumar Bose

Surya Kumar Bose (Bengali: সূর্যকুমার বসু) was an Indian entrepreneur and philanthropist who founded the Dhakeshwari Cotton Mills. He was also the president of Dhaka District Hindu Mahasabha.. During the Partition, he along with Sanat Kumar Raychaudhuri officially raised the proposal of partitioning Bengal to create a homeland for the Bengali Hindus at the Bengal Hindu Conference held at Tarakeshwar. Surya Kumar Bose was born in Sonargaon in Dhaka district. His family residence was adjacent to the Ramakrishna Mission and he was closely connected to it. He patronized and actively participated in the activities of the Ramakrishna Mission. In 1927, Surya Kumar Bose founded the Dhakeshwari Cotton Mills in Narayanganj on the banks of Shitalakshya. It was the first cotton mill in the district of Dhaka. In 1937, he expanded the mill by commissioning a second mill unit. He was the founder, owner and the Managing Director of Dhakeshwari Cotton Mills. After the Partition the government of Pakistan acquired the Dhakeshwari Cotton Mills by force. Surya Kumar Bose emigrated to India and set up the Dhakeshwari Cotton Mills, once again, on the banks of the Damodar, at Suryanagar in Asansol.


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