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Svetlana surganova

Svetlana Yakovlevna Surganova (Russian: Светлана Яковлевна Сурганова) (born November 14, 1968 in Leningrad, USSR) is a Russian rock musician, singer and poet. She was a founding member of the popular Russian rock band Nochnye Snaipery, vocalling and playing violin. In the December, 2002 she left the band and started her own band, Surganova i Orkestr ("Сурганова и оркестр"; "Surganova and orchestra"). In 2003, their first album "Neuzheli ne ja" (“Неужели не я”, “Isn’t it me”) was released and sold more than 100.000 copies. In 2004, they were nominated for “the best live-band of the year” award and won the prestigious FUZZ magazine award for “Song of the year” (“Песня года”). Songs from "Neuzheli ne ja", especially "Murakami" (“Мураками”, “Murakami)” and "Bol’no" ("Больно", "In pain") topped the music charts for months. The band shot a music video "Korabli" ("Корабли", "Ships"), that rotated successfully on MTV and MUZ-TV (МУЗ-ТВ), and went on the first tour through the country. After the first album, later albums included: “Zhivoj” ("Живой",”Alive”) in 2003, “Vozljublennaja Shopena” (“Возлюбленная Шопена”, “Chopin’s beloved”) in 2005, “Sol” (“Соль”, “Salt”) in 2007.

Personal details

Date of birth
November 14th, 1968

Musical acts

1.Nochniye Snaiperi Rock music

1993 - 2002

Nochnyie Snaipery is a Russian rock group. It was founded in 1993 as an acoustic female duo of Diana Arbenina and Svetlana Surganova. The ladies played guitar and violin respectively, sharing the vocal and songwriting duties evenly, eventually adding amplification to the band. Since its inception the band has participated in a variety of Russian musical festivals — from the underground to the major events, as well as touring extensively domestically and abroad. Night Snipers best known singles are Tridtsatpervaya Vesna, Rubezh, Stolitsa, Asfalt, and Aktrisa. The majority of the songs in the band's repertoire is written by Arbenina and Surganova, but some use the poetry of such famous authors as Joseph Brodsky, Anna Akhmatova, and Federico Garcia Lorca. In 2002 Svetlana Surganova left the band to create her own group Surganova i Orkestr, and Diana remained the headliner of Night Snipers.

Member history

Member Role Start End
Violin 1993 December, 2002
Guitar 1993
Goga Kopylov
January, 1999 2002
2002 2004

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Member history

Member Role Start End

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