Tahlonteeskee (or 'Talotisky' ) was a Cherokee headman of Cayoka town, on Hiawassee Island (in modern day Hamilton County, Tennessee). He was the older brother (or, possibly, half-brother) of John Jolly. Tahlonteeskee emigrated into the west in 1809, one of the first "Old settlers of the Cherokee Nation." He became the Principal Chief of the Cherokee Nation -West in 1817, and served until his death in 1819, after which he was succeeded by his brother, John Jolly. According to the Cherokee genealogist, Dr. Emmet Starr, Talotisky Tahlonteeskee married Jennie Lowrey, sister of Assistant Principal Chief George Lowrey. Lowery was supposed to have been a cousin of Sequoyah, and his wife was Lucy Benge, a half-sister of Sequoyah. Lucy was the sister of Chickamauga warrior, Bob Benge (often referred to as 'Captain' Bench), whose uncle was John Watts (or 'Young Tassel'). The Cherokee embraced the matrilineal clan system, in which uncle-nephew connections were more important than father-son relationships.

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