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Tani Gorre Cantil-Sakauye (born October 19, 1959), a Filipino-American jurist, is the 28th Chief Justice of California. Nominated by Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger for California's highest judicial office on July 22, 2010, and retained in office by California voters on November 2, 2010, she was sworn in on January 3, 2011. Prior to her current appointment, Cantil-Sakauye had served in judicial offices on California's appellate and trial courts. Born in Sacramento, California, as Tani Gorre Cantil, she was raised in the Land Park neighborhood of Sacramento and earned her high school diploma from C. K. McClatchy High School in 1977, her A.A. from Sacramento City College in 1978, her B.A. from the University of California, Davis in 1980, and her J.D. from UC Davis School of Law in 1984. Upon graduation from law school in 1984, Cantil was unable to find a job in law, so she became a blackjack dealer in Reno, Nevada. The Sacramento County Public Defender's Office had refused to hire her because she was too young.

Personal details

Date of birth
October 19th, 1959
United States of America
Filipino American


1. UC Davis School of Law Colleges/University

The University of California Davis School of Law (Martin Luther King, Jr. Hall), referred to as UC Davis School of Law and commonly known as King Hall and UC Davis Law, is an American Bar Association approved law school located in Davis, California on the campus of the University of California, Davis. The school received ABA approval in 1968. It joined the Association of American Law Schools (AALS) in 1968.

Type Public university
400 Mrak Hall Drive, 95616 - Davis, California
2010. 589
Official web page www.law.ucdavis.edu
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People attended UC Davis School of Law connected by profession and/or age

b. 1948., Lawyer
b. 1959., Politician
b. 1950., Writer
b. 1945., U.S. Congressperson
b. 1946., Politician
b. 1974., Politician
b. 1941., Professor

2. University of California, Davis Colleges/University

The University of California, Davis (also referred to as UCD, UC Davis, or Davis) is a public teaching and research university established in 1905 and located in Davis, California, USA. Spanning over 7,156 acres (2,896 ha), the campus is the largest within the University of California system and third largest by enrollment. The Carnegie Foundation classifies UC Davis as a comprehensive doctoral research university with a medical program, veterinary program, and very high research activity.

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Type Land-grant university
2013. 790 mil. $
2010. 744 mil. $
Institution colors
One Shields Avenue, 95616 - Davis, California
2013. 26,693
2010. 24,670
2009. 24,420
2006. 23,458
2005. 22,735
2013. 4,254
2010. 6,722
Acceptance rate
2013. 39.4 %
2012. 45.3 %
2011. 46.0 %
2010. 44.9 %
2009. 46.2 %
Local tuition
2013. 13.9 K $
2011. 13.9 K $
2010. 12 K $
2009. 9.94 K $
2008. 8.64 K $
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b. 1955., Lawyer
b. 1952., Lawyer
b. 1959., Politician
b. 1957., Academic
b. 1954., Triathlete
b. 1960., Scientist
b. 1957., Computer Scientist
b. 1964., Alternative Artist

3. C. K. McClatchy High School School

C.K. McClatchy High School is a Sacramento City Unified School District High School. It is located in the Land Park area of Sacramento, California, USA . McClatchy High School is also the second-oldest high school in Sacramento, having been established in 1937. It is currently the oldest high school in Sacramento since the closure of Sacramento High School. McClatchy High School is home to over fifty clubs, as well as over 50,000 alumnae.

P.o. Box 2271, 95812 - Sacramento, California
Official web page www.mcclatchyhs.net
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Notable alumni by gender

People attended C. K. McClatchy High School connected by profession and/or age

b. 1936., Lawyer
b. 1987., Baseball Pitcher
b. 1978., Baseball First baseman
b. 1973., Alternative Artist
b. 1973., Alternative Artist
b. 1955.
b. 1952.
b. 1945.

4. Sacramento City College Colleges/University

Sacramento City College (SCC) is a two-year community college located in Sacramento, California. SCC is part of the Los Rios Community College District and had an enrollment of 25,307 in 2009. Sacramento City College is officially accredited by the Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC), offering Associate in Science (A.S) and Associate in Art (A.A.) degrees. It is located at the intersection of Freeport Boulevard and Sutterville Road in Sacramento, California.

Type Community college
Institution colors
3835 Freeport Blvd, 95822 - Sacramento, California
2010. 25,039
2009. 27,879
Local tuition
2011. 972 $
2010. 644 $
2009. 654 $
2008. 590 $
Official web page www.scc.losrios.edu
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Notable alumni by career
Notable alumni by gender

People attended Sacramento City College connected by profession and/or age

b. 1959., Baseball Catcher
b. 1963., Baseball Outfielder
b. 1967., Baseball Outfielder
b. 1980., American Football Quarterback
b. 1984., Baseball Pitcher
b. 1983., Baseball Pitcher
b. 1986., Baseball Pitcher
b. 1948., Baseball Catcher


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