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Tapa Tchermoeff Abdul "Tapa" Medjid Bey Ortsa Tchermoeff (1882 – August 28, 1937) (Chechen: Тапа Абдул Миджит Бей Орца Цармойев) was the first and last Prime Minister of the Mountainous Republic of the Northern Caucasus. He was in office from May 11, 1918 until the entire government was forced into exile by the advancing Bolsheviks in 1921. His official title was General Tchermoeff, Prime Minister of the Mountainous Republic of the Northern Caucasus. Born in Grozny, Chechnya, in 1882, Tapa was the eldest son of the well-known General Ortsou Tchermoeff. He was educated at the Vladikavkaz secondary school and at the Nicolayevsky Cavalry College in St. Petersburg. He graduated in 1901 and joined an elite military unit, His Majesty Tsar Nicholas II's Own Life Guard Convoy. Tapa Tchermoeff married Princess Hava Hannum Hibrahimbekova of Persia in 1906. Although still a young man he was obliged to leave the army in 1908 when his father died. During this time he threw himself into economic and industrial activities. His family owned important parcels of oil-bearing land in the Grozny area. Tapa automatically became one of the most active and energetic pioneers of the Grozny oil industry. World War I  ( Wikipedia article )


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