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Teimumu Vuikaba Kepa (born 1945) is a Fijian chief and politician. A former students' coordinator at the University of the South Pacific when Kepa chose to enter the University to embark on her Bachelor of Arts Degree and was a principal of Corpus Christi Collegebefore that, until she succeeded her late sister, former First Lady Ro Lady Lala Mara, as Roko Tui Dreketi, or Paramount Chief of Dreketi, in 2004. This is considered to be the highest title in the Burebasaga Confederacy, one of three "confederacies", or tribal networks, of Fijian chiefs. In addition, she has served in the Fijian Cabinet since 2000, when she joined the interim government of Prime Minister Laisenia Qarase as Minister for Women, Culture, and Social Welfare; following the victory of Qarase's United Fiji Party in the parliamentary election held to restore democracy in 2001, she was appointed Minister for Education, a position she still holds as of June 2005. A third position that she held until recently was that of Chairperson of the Rewa Provincial Council, to which she was elected on 5 May 2005. This position, too, was held by Ro Lady Lala Mara and had been vacant since her death on 20 July 2004.

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