Tejguru Sirshree TejParkhiji

Tejguru Sirshree Tejparkhiji His spiritual quest began as a child. Immersed in his spiritual quest, he practiced many meditations. His quest lead him to various school of thought and teachings. His thirst to spend more and more time in search for truth lead him to relinquish his college teaching job. He undertook a long period of contemplation on the mystery of life till his quest ended on enlightenment. He came to the understanding that the missing link in all the paths that lead to truth is understanding itself. Sirshree’s key teachings can be summarized in these five simple points.. - Tej Gyan is a system for wisdom from self help to self realization - Tej Gyan means bright truth... that truth which is beyond ignorance and knowledge... - Tej Gyan Foundation spreads the light of truth taught by Sirshree “Everything is a game of beliefs…..understanding is the whole thing.” …Sirshree The above sentence denotes the whole philosophy of Tej Gyan Foundation. The experience of Self (Truth) is always available. However beliefs such as, “I am this body” have clouded the mind denying access to the always available experience of the Truth.

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