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Venerable Sister Miriam Teresa, born Teresa Demjanovich (March 26, 1901–May 8, 1927) was a United States Roman Catholic Sister of Charity. Teresa Demjanovich was born in Bayonne, New Jersey, on March 26, 1901, the youngest of seven children. At an early age she ardently desired to dedicate her life to religion. Teresa completed her grammar school education at the age of eleven, she received her high school diploma in January 1917, from Bayonne High School (at that time located in the present day Robinson School). At this time she wished very much to become a Carmelite, but the lingering illness of her mother kept her at home as nurse and housekeeper. After her mother’s death in November, 1918, Teresa was strongly encouraged by her family to attend the College of Saint Elizabeth at Convent Station, New Jersey. She began her college career in September, 1919. She received her college degree with highest honours in June, 1923. As always, she longed for the religious life, but various circumstances made her uncertain regarding which community she should enter. Meanwhile she accepted a teaching position at the Academy of Saint Aloysius in Jersey City (now known as the Caritas  ( Wikipedia article )


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