Tetley Gant

Tetley Gant, CMG (9 July 1853 – 7 February 1928) was an Australian barrister, Tasmanian Politician and University Chancellor. Tetley was born in Manningham, Yorkshire, England, the son of James Greaves Tetley Gant, (1815–1873), Bradford solicitor, and Sarah Ann Gaunt. He attended Rugby School and St John's College, in Oxford. In 1884 Gant migrated to Australia and settled in Hobart. His legal qualifications allowed him to enter the Supreme Court of Tasmania. In 1888 Gant started a legal partnership with Sir Neil Elliott Lewis Gant was elected to the seat of Buckingham in the Tasmanian Legislative Council in May 1901 and he kept this seat until August 1927. Gant was appointed to the council for the University of Tasmania in 1905 and in 1909 he succeeded Sir Neil Elliott Lewis as vice-chancellor . In 1914 he went on to become chancellor succeeding Sir John Stokell Dodds spread of higher education throughout the community. In 1902 he became president of the Amateur Horticultural Society of Hobart. In 1910 he was elected the founding President of the Buckingham Rowing and Swimming Club and in 1913 he was appointed president of the Tasmanian Club.

Personal details

Date of birth
July 9th, 1853
Date of death
February 7th, 1928 at age of 74


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