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Tetsuko kuroyanagi

Tetsuko Kuroyanagi (黒柳 徹子, Kuroyanagi Tetsuko) (born August 9, 1933 in Tokyo) is an internationally famous Japanese actress, a talk show host, a best-selling author of children book, a World Wide Fund for Nature advisor, and a Goodwill Ambassador for UNICEF. She is well known for her charitable works, and is considered as one of the first Japanese celebrities who achieved international recognition. In 2006, Donald Richie referred to Kuroyanagi in his book Japanese Portraits: Pictures of Different People as "the most popular and admired woman in Japan. Kuroyanagi was born in Nogisaka, Tokyo in 1933. Her father was a violinist and a concertmaster. Her nickname as a child was Totto-chan, according to her 1981 autobiographical memoir. Kuroyanagi went to Tomoe Elementary School (Tomoe Gakuen) when she was young. After that, she studied at the Tokyo College of Music, majoring in opera, as she intended to become an opera singer. After graduation, however, she was drawn to acting and the television entertainment industry by her joining Tokyo Hoso Gekidan and training at the Mary Tarcai Studio in New York.

Personal details

Date of birth
August 9th, 1933
Places lived
pop. 13,352,239 (2014)


1. Tokyo College of Music Colleges/University

Tokyo College of Music (東京音楽大学, Tōkyō Ongaku Daigaku) was founded as Toyo Conservatory of Music (東洋音楽学校, Tōyō Ongaku Gakkō) in Kanda, Tokyo in 1907. It is the oldest private music school in Japan.

3-4-5 Minami-Ikebukuro, Toshima, Tokyo
2011. 1,532
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Institution social analysis

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b. 1986., Voice actor
b. 1974., Electronic Artist
b. 1985., Actor
b. 1970., Composer

Movie performances

1. The Book of the Dead (2005)

Animation, Drama
played Storyteller
Runtime Producers Directors Writers Top cast Awards Budget Movie on internet
1 Show list

The Book of the Dead is a 2005 Japanese stop motion animation feature film directed by Kihachirō Kawamoto. It is his second feature film, the first being the Rennyo and His Mother and is based on the novel of the same name by Shinobu Orikuchi. It appeared in a couple of film festivals in 2005 before going into wide release in Japan on 11 February 2006 and has since won several awards at international animation festivals. It was shown in cinemas across the United Kingdom in the spring of 2008 as part of Kawamoto: The Puppet Master, a touring season of the Watershed Media Centre, and was released on DVD-Video in North America on 22 April 2008.


Top cast

Subjects Music by Cinematographers Costumography Soundtrack Languages Country
Kunihiko Itami
Minoru Tamura
Japanese, English

2. Breaking of Branches is Forbidden (1968)

Animation, Short
Runtime Producers Directors Writers Top cast Awards Budget Movie on internet

Breaking of Branches is Forbidden (Hanaori) is a 1968 short animation film written and directed by Kihachiro Kawamoto.


Top cast

Subjects Music by Cinematographers Costumography Soundtrack Languages Country
Akihiro Komori
Ken Yoshida
Ken Yoshioka

3. Jack and the Witch (1967)

Animation, Fantasy
played Mouse
Runtime Producers Directors Writers Top cast Awards Budget Movie on internet
Taiji Yabushita
2 Show list

Jack and the Witch is a Japanese animated fantasy adventure feature film, the 10th cinema feature produced by Tōei Animation, released in Japan in 1967. It was developed by Jirō Sekimasa, Seiichi Moro and Takeshi Ariga, written by Shin'ichi Sekizawa and Susumu Takaku and directed by Taiji Yabushita and has an essentially original story, though one which alludes in structure and character names to the Jack tales and Beowulf, both of English folklore. A working title for the film was Fushigina Sekai no Daibōken. The animation director is Akira Daikuhara. It is one of a number of Tōei Dōga features licensed by the television division of American International Pictures and localised by Titan Productions, Jack's English-dubbed version being directed by Peter Solmo and made available for syndication starting in 1969. Corinne Orr, of Speed Racer fame, is the voice of Allegra in the English-language version. It is well remembered by those who saw it on U.S. television in the 1970s and early 1980s because of its surreal sequences.


Top cast

Phineas Fox
Barnaby Bear
Subjects Music by Cinematographers Costumography Soundtrack Languages Country

Written work

1.Totto Chan: The Little Girl at the Window

Children's literature, Autobiographical novel
Editions Subjects Co-authors
1982. at New York City


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