The Prophesying Nun of Dresden

Deceased Person from Germany

The Prophesying Nun of Dresden (c. 1680–1706 in Dresden, Germany), better known in Italy as la Monaca di Dresda, was a nun reported to have had the gift of clairvoyance. She wrote many prophetic letters to princes and senior churchmen. Her prophecies, re-discovered during the twentieth century, were studied in depth by scholars appointed by Adolf Hitler. In the 1980s, the Italian researcher Renzo Baschera published an Italian language translation of her manuscripts. Her actual name is unknown. It is, however, known that she lived in a monastery in Dresden, Germany, near the river Elbe. The surviving manuscripts written by the Prophesying Nun of Dresden consist of thirty-one letters, several of them even well-preserved, whilst others have fared more poorly. It is thought that there were originally quite a few more. The nun addressed her letters to several kings, a pope, some cardinals and other eminent Catholic clergy. Some of the letters were written in German, others in Latin, and some in both languages. This is surprising given the nun's humble origins. In the letters addressed to historical personages there are predictions of some of the main events that they themselves would  ( Wikipedia article )


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