Theodore Stratelates

Theodore stratelates

Theodore Stratelates ("the General"), also known as Theodore of Heraclea, is a martyr and Warrior Saint venerated with the title Great-martyr in the Eastern Orthodox Church, Eastern Catholic and Roman Catholic Churches. There is much confusion between him and St Theodore of Amasea and they were in fact almost certainly the same person, whose legends later diverged into two separate traditions. According to some of the legends Theodore was appointed military-commander (stratelates) in the city of Heraclea Pontica, during the time the emperor Licinius (307–324) began a fierce persecution of Christians. Theodore himself invited Licinius to Heraclea, having promised to offer a sacrifice to the pagan gods. He requested that all the gold and silver statues of the gods which they had in Heraclea be gathered up at his house. Theodore then smashed them into pieces which he then distributed to the poor. Theodore was arrested and subjected to torture and crucified. The witness was his servant Varos (also venerated as a saint). In the morning the imperial soldiers found him alive and unharmed.

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